Am I Dying?: Business Card With Built In Heart Monitor

March 4, 2016


This is a business card designed by MobileECG, a company that specializes in heart monitoring products. The business card itself is a mini heart-rate monitor. It's absolutely functional, just not designed to be used for actual diagnostics -- t's just a clever piece of promotional material. Cool, but not as cool as MY business card. "That's a bar napkin with a penis doodle on it." You're damn right it is. That's something you don't forget. Remember -- you only get one chance to make a first impression and funny penis drawings go a long way. Trust me, I have a Master's in business (God, I really do is the thing).

Keep going for a short video demo.

Thanks to hairless, who tried to tell me the best business card is a firm handshake which makes absolutely zero sense and might explain why his business is failing.

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