A Mashup Between A Hammock And A Rocking Chair

March 15, 2016


This is the Zoloka, created by three design students at Maeer's MIT Institute of Design in Pune, India. It is the combination of a woven hammock and a rocking chair. Me? I love hammocks and rocking chairs, so this is great news for me. Probably the best news I'll hear all day. For reference, that makes my life sad and depressing.

The aim was to design a furniture that gives u both - Comfort & Relaxation. Zoloka gives you a perfect combination of the above with a compact and baby-like feel sitting inside it.

I don't remember what it feels like to be a baby, but I bet its nice. Crying and eating and peeing and pooping all willy-nilly, that sounds like a dream. Actually, that sounds my life now. Now get in the Zoloka and get comfortable so I can roll you down a hill when you least expect it.

Thanks to Liz, who is holding out for a combination hammock and hot tub. Now you're talking!

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