A Handheld Device That Melts And Sprays Sticks Of Butter

March 8, 2016


This is the Biem Butter Sprayer, a relatively large handheld device that melts the end of a stick of butter and sprays it as needed, presumably right into my mouth like spray cheese because I'm a disgusting animal. You ever rubbed melted butter on a lover before? Me neither but one day I'm gonna find a girl who's cool with it and we will get married on top of a giant stack of pancakes.


Uses whatever brand of butter you normally use.
Does not melt the whole stick.
Melts only the butter you need and tells you when to add butter.
Doesn't overheat the butter to melt. Just 95 degrees
Patent pending "no clog" nozzle design
Smart on off. Has an accelerometer to know when you are picking it up to use and turns the biem on automatically.
Ready to spray in seconds.
Cool spray to the touch.
Uses no chemical or artificial propellants, just heat and air.
Store in the refrigerator or on the counter.
Easy to use. Easy to clean.
Faster and easier than spreading butter with a knife

$129 gets you a butter sprayer when they ship this September since they've already more than tripled their funding goal of $42,000 because apparently a lot of people take their popcorn game seriously and existing spray butters simply will not do. Me? I can't justify $129 for a melted butter sprayer. Sure my friends might be impressed that I have one when they come over for fancy dinner parties, but I have no friends and there are no dinner parties. I melt butter in a mug in the microwave like a normal person and drink it through a bendy straw. Nature's comfort food.

Keep going for their Kickstarter video.

Thanks to Dougie, who agrees there's something special that happens when hot butter mixes with maple syrup. Mmmmmm, tell me about it while I rub my nips.

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