10-Year Old Girl Invents Glitter-Shooting Prosthetic Arm

March 31, 2016


This is a video of 10-year old Jordan Reeves demonstrating 'Project Unicorn,' the glitter-shooting prosthetic arm she invented. Heck yeah, I love glitter AND code names. You know I was part of a Project Unicorn once, but that one involved gluing a narwhal tusk to the head of a white horse and trying to sell it to a zoo.

Reeves was a participant in Superhero Cyborgs 2.0, an event where children with limb differences work alongside designers and engineers to create their own prosthetics.

Good looking, Jordan, and way to incorporate glitter into the project. I try to incorporate glitter into as many of my projects as possible. Except recipes. As a rule, people generally frown on glitter in their food. Crazy, I know, but some people aren't ready for change. Or blood in their poop. Ridiculous, right? It's like exfoliating your intestines.

Keep going for the video demonstration.

Thanks to Stephanie B, who agrees glitter makes everything better. EVERYTHING.

  • heretikeen

    "limb differences"?

  • Daniel L Charlebois


  • iram84mx

    wtf is this shit?

  • Xockszky

    Does it have to be glitter? That crap gets everywhere and it's a pain in the ass to clean up! Even packing peanuts aren't as annoying.

  • Hey, GW!
    You do know you can buy edible glitter.

  • C-Basstian

    Kid should've made a potato cannon that looked like a megaman arm.

  • Barrett would be proud.

  • The Tear of a Nigga

    so fuking lame stupid bitch

  • Nice.
    That's really nice.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • The Tear of a Nigga

    thanks bitch

  • CaptainGuntu

    Yeah, you really are dat nigga.

  • PUNX

    is that what we are going to have to say now, people with limb differences.....

  • NervJMSL

    So anyone got any heart to tell her it doesn't work?

  • GeneralDisorder

    I'll tell her. And I'll call her a monster for even thinking about shooting glitter at anything. That shit lasts forever.

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