You're Spoiled: Tesla Model S Electric Toy Car For Kids

February 16, 2016


This is the Tesla Model S electric car for kids created by Telsa and Radio Flyer. The cars go on sale May 16th, have working headlights, use the same fast-charging lithium-ion battery technology as full size Teslas, and can reach a max speed of 6 MPH. Did I mention they cost between $500 - $800? That is a little bit out of my kid's birthday present budget. That is SPOILED CHILDREN TERRITORY. Still, if they can drive themselves to and from school and save you the trip it might still be worth it. I never had a Power Wheels car growing up and I'm still bitter about it. But my best friend had the Bigfoot monster truck Power Wheels (THIS ONE) and he used to make me lay in the yard and run over me like a pile of cars before he'd let me behind the wheel for a minute, usually when the battery was dead.

Keep going for a promotional video.

Thanks to XAXAXA, who's holding out for a DeLorean electric kid's car.

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