'When You Take A Photo Of A Frog Just As It Activates Its Hyperspace Drive'

February 26, 2016


This is a photo captured by Imgurian SnakeEarl of a frog just as it was leaping out of his hand, presumably because it thought it was about to be kissed, and it's not that kind of frog. Or maybe it's just the world's longest frog with a transparent ass. I wish I had a see-through ass, then I wouldn't have to wear pants in public. You know the only drawback to not wearing pants in public is? The people who actually do it. Eleven times out of ten they're never the ones you'd hope for.

Thanks to my buddy Alex S, who kissed every frog in a pond once hoping for a princess but didn't get anything but a lip rash which still hasn't gone away and that was like eight months ago. Sorry for blowing your spot up, but not really because you never paid me back for that time I covered your movie ticket and snacks because you forgot your wallet. You pay me and I'll delete this and write a better shoutout. Unless you pay in nickels, in which case I'll make it much, much worse.

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