Whee!: OK Go's New Music Video Shot In Zero Gravity

February 11, 2016


This is the just released music video for OK Go's latest track 'Upside Down & Inside Out' (previously: their other insane music videos). It was filmed in zero gravity aboard a plane flying on an elliptic flight path (aka a Vomit Comet). Things start off normal enough, then, well, you can see from the screenshot above that shit gets pretty out of hand. Personally, I don't know how they did it -- I would have puked. I'm a puker. Whenever I brush my teeth I always brush until I start gagging and that's when I stop and try not to heave into the sink. When surveyed, four out of five dentists agreed that's not okay, and the other one was huffing laughing gas.

Keep going for the video.

OK Go - Upside Down & Inside Out

Hello, Dear Ones. Please enjoy our new video for "Upside Down & Inside Out". A million thanks to S7 Airlines. #GravitysJustAHabit

Posted by OK Go on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thanks to whoever posted this on their Facebook wall, looks like you saved yourself an unfriending. FOR NOW.

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