Well Well Well, If It Isn't My 17,000th Geekologie Article

February 24, 2016


Because Jesus refuses to accept me into his heavenly flock any earlier than he absolutely has to, this is my 17,000th Geekologie article. That is a lot. If you read 100 Geekologie articles a day it would take 170 days to read everything I've written. That really puts things into perspective. Just not very good perspective, mind you. 17,000 articles isn't really a particularly noteworthy milestone, but it is a milestone nonetheless. Like a child's 7th birthday. You're not five, and you're not ten, and frankly, your parents don't care that much. In this case, you are those parents and all I wanted was a trampoline. Still, I'd like to thank you all for reading and fulfilling my dream of being able to live in my own mind instead of harsh reality. I honestly don't think I would last that long in reality, like the last snow crab leg at an $12 all-you-can-eat buffet. Thanks again *raising golden dildo trophy high over head* this one's for you.

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