Vincent Van Gogh Plush Doll With Removable Left Ear

February 25, 2016


This is the plush Vincent Van Gogh doll available from The Unemployed Philosphers Guild ($19). He stands 11-inches tall and includes a Velco-backed removable left ear. As the story goes, Van Gogh allegedly severed his left ear after an argument with fellow painter Paul Gauguin, and left it with a prostitute at a brothel the two frequently visited. There is speculation whether the ear was meant as a memento for Gauguin, a prostitute lover, or if Van Gogh was just batshit crazy. What I believe is that Van Gogh accidentally severed his ear while shaving drunk, then wasn't sure what to do with it because what the hell are you supposed to do with your own severed ear when you're drunk? He then decided to give it to a prostitute lady-friend because that sounded romantic at the time. And I'm not just speculating all of this based on personal experience, but there's a reason why I have one of my big toes in a jar labeled 'To Allison' in my sock drawer. PLEASE ALLISON, LEARN TO LOVE ME?

Keep going for one more shot of the tortured artist in plushy form.


Thanks to Slower Than The Speed Of Flight, who could still probably kick my ass in a footrace because I do not like running. Or jogging. I don't even like standing up, even if there's a fire I'm cool just taking my chances.

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