Video Of Man Eating Like A Wild Animal At In-N-Out

February 17, 2016


This is a video of a man furiously double-fisting two cheeseburgers at In-N-Out. He even dunks them in his strawberry shake. Then pours the shake on them. He is either the perfect amount of high to live his dream or the video was staged. I suspect it might be staged though because 1) It comes from The Chive, which has a history of faking things for clicks. 2) Nobody tucks napkins into their shirt collar like that when they eat except me and my friend Argee when we go to really nice steakhouses because we like to keep it classy. At least until I accidentally spill lobster bisque in my shoes and everything goes to shit. And 3) Wait, I forgot what my third point was. Whatever. Now I wish I'd got to eaten In-N-Out for lunch today instead of all the sausage bits I picked off the pizza I had for dinner last night. 'You're gonna be thankful you saved these,' I told myself while I was doing it. And I am, but it still makes me sad though.

Keep going for the video and judge for yourself.

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