Valiant Effort: Two Drunk Irishmen Try To Move A Couch

February 15, 2016


This is a beautiful video of two drunk Irishmen trying to move a sofa. They are not very good at it. Of course they probably would have been a lot worse sober. The Irish always do their best work drunk, and that is a fact my Irish pal Tim taught me. I have never seen him do anything without having at least six beers and a couple Jamesons first. He owns his own construction company and keeps asking if there's anything I want done to my place but I always lie and say no because never seeing anyone electrocute themselves or cut their fingers or arm off right in front of me is high on my bucket list.

Keep going for the video, then let's start our own Drunk Irishmen Moving Company.

Thanks to hairless, who moves couches the old fashioned way: setting them on fire and waiting for the fire department to come do it for him.

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