Valiant Effort: Two Drunk Irishmen Try To Move A Couch

February 15, 2016


This is a beautiful video of two drunk Irishmen trying to move a sofa. They are not very good at it. Of course they probably would have been a lot worse sober. The Irish always do their best work drunk, and that is a fact my Irish pal Tim taught me. I have never seen him do anything without having at least six beers and a couple Jamesons first. He owns his own construction company and keeps asking if there's anything I want done to my place but I always lie and say no because never seeing anyone electrocute themselves or cut their fingers or arm off right in front of me is high on my bucket list.

Keep going for the video, then let's start our own Drunk Irishmen Moving Company.

Thanks to hairless, who moves couches the old fashioned way: setting them on fire and waiting for the fire department to come do it for him.


    These aren't irishmen, by the way. They're British. That's not antagonism or trolling either. If you told these chaps they weren't British chances are they'd tell you to fuck off. Depending on if they were sober enough to give a shit.

  • Mark Lynam

    They're not Irish, they sound Scottish plus the licence plates on all the cars are British.


    Correct! British. They're from Northern Ireland, a loyalist region of the Irish mainland which self-identifies as part of the United Kingdom.

    For the Americans here, I think I can probably explain if you actually are interested in learning what the republican/loyalists say themselves, and don't stick your fingers in your ears with your trademark ignorance: Norn Iron isn't "the north of Ireland". It is a different nation. Part of the United Kingdom. That's where these chaps are from. The Republic, or Eire as it used to be known, is a different nation. These fellows are not Irish. They are Northern Irish. That is a part of the same landmass as the republic, but has its own identity just as Scotland, Wales and England are part of the same landmass but are their own nations, independent of each other but collectively part of the United Kingdom. Clue's in the name. United Kingdom.

  • Gavin Hamill

    Northern Ireland :)


    Exactly. Not Irish.

  • Matthew Anderson

    are they dead?

  • No, but their livers are.

  • Jenness


  • Gene Kaufman

    In their drunken stupor have they unearthed some ancient gaelic dialect?

  • Gene Kaufman

    Also something that just hit me I have the same exact hat(probably not manufacturer/maker but same exact style and color) as the louder guy.
    I mean, I am almost half Irish, but I really do not aspire to be like these men.

  • TheQiwiMan

    If so we'll need atheistgirl to translate for us.

  • I only know Welsh.

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