Unspeakably Stupid 'Gods of Egypt' Clip Somehow Meant To Be Marketing

February 25, 2016


Via our sibling site I Watch Stuff:

As was made a painfully unfortunate visual metaphor in the first trailer for Gods of Egypt, this movie makes one want to gouge their eyes out. Beyond even its oblivious racism in casting European stars as its Egyptian gods, it looks like an unwelcome memory of Pompeii mixed with deleted scenes from Clash of the Titans and the cheaply CGI'd Egypt of a Discover Channel dramatization. And now, as a misguided promotion for this misguided film, Lionsgate has released a new clip some more stupid crap from this thing. New, incredibly idiotic reveals include: a clearly unnecessary god spaceship; Geoffrey Rush being covered in some shoddy computer-generated flames; and evidence that Gerard Butler must have wrongly thought his acting was too subtle prior to this. It's a must-see, even while the film is anything but. Have a look:
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