To Infinity And Beyond!: USS Enterprise Flying Drone Toy

February 15, 2016


To celebrate Star Trek's 50th anniversary, this is the USS Enterprise flying drone being released by toy manufacturer Spin Master later this year. It will retail for around $120 and even has lights and makes 10 authentic sound effects. I'm going to beg for one for my birthday, then fly it straight into a power line on its maiden voyage. I'll tell my parents it got struck by lightning, but they will not buy me another one because I shouldn't have been flying my drone during a storm in the first place. Then I'll backpedal and say it was actually stolen by a neighborhood bully, but by that time they'll have already tuned me out and gone back to watching television.

Keep going for a couple more pics.




Thanks to Lawrence, who's holding out for a drone that looks like the ship from Flight Of The Navigator. SOLID MOVIE.

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