To Davey Jones' Locker: Sinking A Battleship With A Bunch Of Cameras Attached To Catch All The Action

February 1, 2016


This is a video of the sinking of a former Mexican Navy battleship to create an artificial reef at the Rosarito Underwater Park off the coast of Rosarito Beach, Mexico. Photographer JP Ussel rigged the boat with a bunch of GoPros so you can catch the ship sinking from a ton of different angles. I'm going to be honest though, it's kind of terrifying to watch if you can convince yourself you're actually on that boat while it's going down. Which I did. I'm really good at convincing myself of things. Remember that $1.5-billion Powerball jackpot from a little while ago? I'd convinced myself it was already as good as mine, and I never even bought a Powerball ticket, just a $2 scratcher.

Keep going for the video. SPOILER: No mermaids. YET.

Thanks to PP, who agrees if you're gonna go down with the ship, go down with cannons blazing and a cutlass between your teeth pirate style.

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