The Perfect Storm: 100-Foot Wave Crashing On Boat

February 13, 2016


This is a short video of a bunch of giant-ass waves trying to sink a boat in the North Sea. Just watching it gave me anxiety. I think being out in the middle of the ocean while Poseidon does his best to kill you is one of my worst nightmares. Right up there with the one where I show up for school naked being chased by a faceless man and all my teeth fall out. Meanwhile the guy filming this video just laughs like a crazy person and throws in a couple 'That's f***ing awesomes!' I'd rather take my chances skinny dipping in a volcano.

Hit the jump for the video and be thankful you're on dry land.

Thanks to Abe, who informed me every time somebody pees in the ocean, Poseidon sinks a ship.

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