The Most Satisfying Video In The World (Allegedly)

February 16, 2016


This is 'The Most Satisfying Video In The World', a video compilation created by Digg of a bunch of mesmerizing/relaxing/perfectionist style acts being performed. A lot of it was really relaxing, but that song they chose wasn't doing it for me. If I'm going to fall asleep at my desk at work I prefer smooth jazz or soft classical. Sometimes after lunch I load my phone up with classical music on Spotify, put my earbuds in, then go sit in the furthest bathroom stall and see how long I can sleep. Guess what my record is. "Two hours?" A day and a half.

Keep going for the video, then tape a sign to your back that reads 'SEVERE MIGRAINE DO NOT DISTURB' and close your eyes and take a little nappy.

Thanks to JB, who wants to know how the satisfaction of watching this video compares to a Snickers bar.

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