That's Too Much: Burger King Whopper With 718 Pickles

February 25, 2016


These is a Burger King Whopper ordered by the folks at RocketNews24 in Japan with 718 pickles (previously: their even more insane 1,000 cheese slice Whopper and their 1,050 bacon strip Whopper). The pickle Whopper weighed in at 1.7 kilograms (~3.75 pounds) and cost a staggering ten thousand yen (~$89), which hardly seems worth it. I've never been on Supermarket Sweep so I don't know how much jars of pickles are going for these days, but I'm pretty sure I could get a Whopper and 718 pickles for way cheaper than ninety bucks. Besides, Burger King doesn't even use good pickles. Jesus, I can't believe we're even talking about this. Just kidding, of course I can -- I can talk about anything at length. Don't even get me started on their shit mayonnaise.

Keep going for a couple more shots of every cucumber's dream of the afterlife.




Thanks to hairless, who's holding out for a 2,000-piece chicken nugget box.

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