That's Too Big: Surfer Survives 40-Foot Fall Off Wave

February 2, 2016


This are a couple videos of surfer Tom Dosland falling 40 feet off a wave in Maui. For reference, that is 38 feet more wave than I feel comfortable with. I don't even like the wave pool at water parks and I'm not just saying that because kids always shit in them but they do and that's disgusting. I am going to open an adults-only water park where toplessness is encouraged (I'm thinking $5 off admission). Now where was I? Oh right, giant wave. Thankfully, Tom survived the fall, but was eaten by a shark soon after. Just kidding, he's fine.

Keep going for two videos from different angles, the second one has some interviews too.

Thanks to Talmadge, who agrees a sacrifice must be made to Poseidon to calm his anger.

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