That's Too Big: Surfer Survives 40-Foot Fall Off Wave

February 2, 2016


This are a couple videos of surfer Tom Dosland falling 40 feet off a wave in Maui. For reference, that is 38 feet more wave than I feel comfortable with. I don't even like the wave pool at water parks and I'm not just saying that because kids always shit in them but they do and that's disgusting. I am going to open an adults-only water park where toplessness is encouraged (I'm thinking $5 off admission). Now where was I? Oh right, giant wave. Thankfully, Tom survived the fall, but was eaten by a shark soon after. Just kidding, he's fine.

Keep going for two videos from different angles, the second one has some interviews too.

Thanks to Talmadge, who agrees a sacrifice must be made to Poseidon to calm his anger.

  • "This are a couple videos of..."
    Wonderful grasp of the English language there GW.

  • Guesticle

    @gw you mean the park from piranha 3dd?

  • GKH


  • Cameron

    Is it really that hard to survive that?

  • shashi

    without brain damage?

  • Guesticle

    hes a surfer. would anybody notice bra?


  • Billy Avenue

    surfer, dude

  • Joe Schmopped

    40ft? He hit the wave half the way down. Let's not freak out, people.

  • tonicboy

    Says the guy who has clearly never surfed a day in his life. Even a 10' wave can chew you up. It has nothing to do with the vertical drop distance, it's about the power and volume of that wave.

  • Guesticle

    if you live somewhere with say 1,388 feet above sealevel and fell 20 feet before hitting the ground would you say you fell 1,408 feet "because the ground can fuck you up if you hit it right" and the hill you were on was basically 1408 feet tall?

    the wave being turbulent doesn't change the distance he actually dropped, they're two separate things. he fell halfway down the 40ft wave.

  • Wiley

    I just don't get how you're missing the giant wave when you look at this. If you haven't been to the ocean, which is completely fine, I'd maybe understand the carefree perspective of that being like jumping into a pool.

  • Oban 1 Kenobi

    How Storyful.
    Many Crazy.

  • ODwanKenObi

    Could not have said it better myself.

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