Sure, Why Not?: Practice Tattoo Drawings In A Book Full Of Pictures Of Body Parts

February 18, 2016


This is the Tattoo Drawing Notebook available from SUCK UK. It's a 100 page book full of pictures of body parts for you to practice drawing tattoo ideas on. Unfortunately, it includes no private parts, so you're still going to have to pen that dragon on your actual penis.

Convince yourself you are Sailor Jerry by sketching on pages of flesh. Every page is unique: arms, hands, back, belly and more (but no rude bits). Once you have figured out which body part you are actually looking at - which is half the fun really (try holding it sideways), transform your notes and doodles into graphic bodily delights.

I've always wanted a tattoo but I've never been able to decide what to get. Maybe I should get your name with a heart around it? Or maybe I should get your name under a SKULL AND CROSSBONES? Or maybe a pirate ship. I kind of want something nautical, despite the fact I've never been on a boat and the ocean terrifies me. It'll kinda be like me facing my fears, just in the least actually facing my fears way possible.

Keep going for a couple more pictures.




Thanks to Brandon W, who practices tattoos on deli meat. Mmmm, edible art.

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