Sure, Why Not?: Earrings Made From Fired Bullet Casings

February 8, 2016


These are the 40-caliber bullet casing and Swarovski Crystal earrings available from Enreverie. They cost about $28 a pair and come in a handful of different casing styles and every crystal color imaginable, and are all made from real fired bullet casings. I had a friend who tried to pierce his ear with a bullet once. Key word: HAD. "It killed him?" What? No. He just kept beating me every time we'd play pool or darts so he's a mortal enemy now. Cool missing lobe, Luke!

Keep going for a couple more examples.





Thanks to Kyle, who's inspired me to make 12-guage shotgun shell plugs for my ears. I'm gonna open an Etsy shop! Ooooooor accidentally blast myself to pieces.

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