Sure, Why Not?: Boiling An iPhone In Melted Crayons

February 15, 2016


Because Youtube makes people do stupid things, this is a video of Taras Maksimuk boiling an iPhone in melted blue crayons. Unshockingly, it does not survive. What is up with all the people who have the money to go around destroying new phones all willy-nilly? Do Youtube hits really pay for all these phones? Because I cracked my phone screen to all hell months ago (PROOF) and haven't had the money to get it repaired and this guy is boiling that shit in Crayolas. It's kind of making me angry. *walks by coworkers desk, knocks stack of papers off* I'M NOT IN THE MOOD, PHIL.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Cameron, who's going to do the same thing but with Sharpies. But my butt could use those!

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