Super Mario Kart w/ 101 Different Video Game Characters

February 17, 2016


This is a video created by Youtuber Hat-Loving Gamer imagining a Super Mario Kart race with 101 different video game characters all racing at the same time. Thankfully they're all spread out across the racetrack instead of all bunched up like little kids playing soccer. There's a list of all the characters included on the video's Youtube page, or you can watch them all go by one-by-one after the race ends. I was never good at Mario Kart because I suck at racing games. Plus I don't really understand driving. You know how many times I had to take the driving test before I passed? "Three?" Fingers crossed fourteen is my lucky number. I want to be able to drive on dates.

Keep going for the pandemonium in action.

Thanks to Red Shell, who always screws me over right at the end of the last lap.

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