Slower Than A Turtle: DVD Drive Powered Crawling Robot

February 3, 2016


This is the homemade crawling robot that Redditor gjjones125 made out of an old DVD drive, an Arduino Uno, and a Popsicle stick. The robot, which was posted to the subreddit Shitty Robots (which they all are), extends its disc platter, then lowers its Popsicle stick foot, which pulls its body forward when the drive closes again. Pretty clever design. Sure it might not win any speed races, but that's only because I just smashed it to pieces with a folding chair. And if gjjones125 comes around asking why h is robot is all smashed to shit, just shrug and tell him it must have been an Unnatural Disaster (that's my wrestling name).

Keep going for a short video of WALL-E's way sadder little brother trying his best.

Thanks to Marco, who hates robots as much as I do, but still agrees it would be sad to see this lil guy with his Popsickle stick broken in half.

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