Sled Legs: Leg Attachments Turn Your Legs Into A Sled

February 12, 2016


Sled Legs are foam-backed plastic leg attachments that turn your legs into a sled. That way you don't have to carry or pull your sled, because that's for people who live in the past. This is the future. The future is Sled Legs. $80 - $124 gets you a pair if they meet their IndioGoGo funding goal, which is looking a little dicey at the moment. Can't afford Sled Legs? Just slide down the hill without them and f*** your knees up. That's what I did and now it hurts to walk. It also hurts to sit or lay down. Unrelated, it also hurts when I go number two. I'm starting to get worried, but I'm too scared to look back in the bowl after I've finished to see what I'm dealing with. I'm afraid it's gonna me something staring back at me.

Hit the jump for several more shots and a video.





Thanks to Craig, who agrees the best sled has been and always will be Rosebud.

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