Sadness: The 'Couple Checking Their Phones Behind Each Other's Back' Wedding Cake Topper

February 18, 2016


This is the wedding cake topper recently spotted by Twitter user Casey Newton at a wedding last weekend. It features a couple checking their phones behind the back of their partner. How romantic. Just kidding, romance is dead. *knock on door* Well well well, if it isn't the ghost of romance! Did you come to remind me how alone I'm always going to be? "I just came to use your bathroom." Nope, never again -- you clogged the toilet to hell last time with all those ghost turds of yours. Maybe if you went more often than twice a year that wouldn't happen. Tell you what -- I'll keep watch and you can use the neighbor's pool.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who wants a wedding cake topper of he and his partner riding giraffes with their necks bent to make a heart. Awwwww.

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