Okaaaaay: A Mouse Pad That Feels Like A Puppy's Paw

February 24, 2016


Because Japan will never stop being Japan (and that's a good thing, at least in some regards), this is the Pnitty Mouse. It's a wired mouse (some people still used wired mice) that has a soft pad on the bottom that's supposed to feel like a puppy or kitten's paw. That way when you're at work missing your pet at home you can squeeze the paw pad and get REALLY f***ing depressed about it all. Which is easy to do in a sterile office environment. This florescent lighting is killing me and my boss has rejected my request for an ergonomic desk chair three times in a row now. It doesn't even have to be fancy, just nicer than what I have now, which is a stack of phone books. My doctor said my spine looks like the shape of a cobra before it strikes.

Keep going for a couple more pictures because they were available.



Thanks to Sarah B, who's holding out for a computer mouse that's shaped and feels like a life-size grizzly paw, fur and claws and all.

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