Oh You Know, Just A Tiny Baby Swordfish On A Finger

February 4, 2016


This is a photograph taken by fishery biologist Juan C. Levesque of a baby swordfish atop a human finger. It is looking pretty small. Did you know swordfish can grow up to 39-inches in their first year of life (much less if they get eaten right away) and up to 10 feet and 1,500 pounds at maturity? Did you know i didn't grow hair on my head until I was six? And it was all gone again by eleven. Playing with matches, amirite? They're just so fun. I honestly believe I do my best thinking when I'm staring into a fire. But only until the police and firetrucks start to arrive, because it's almost impossible to think over the sound of those sirens.

Thanks to Danger, who presumably goes by their middle name.

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