No More Bright Lights Or Accidents: The Illumibowl Motion-Activated Toilet Bowl Light

February 3, 2016


Damn yeah, space toilet!

The Illumibowl is a $20 motion-activated light that clips onto a toilet rim between the seat and the bowl and illuminates the bowl with the pre-selected color of your choice when it senses you've entered the bathroom. That way you don't have to temporarily blind yourself with a bright bathroom light, or risk peeing on your roommate's magazine rack full of Victoria's Secret catalogs. It always makes me uncomfortable using a friend's restroom when they have Victoria's Secret catalogs in the bathroom and no female roommates. *ahem* Chris. "What? I just like to circle the things that I think my girlfriend would like." With your penis? You don't even have a girlfriend. "Then how do you explain the long hair in the shower?" You need help, Chris, I saw you pick those up off the floor at the barber's.

Keep going for a couple more shots including some of the light color options. I love staring into toilet bowls. Oh, and there's a video too.



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