Man Of Steel Inspired Medieval Leather Armor

February 18, 2016


Inspired by the armor worn by Superman's father Jor-El (Russel Crowe, reference photo HERE) in the 2013 Man Of Steel movie, this is the medieval leather armor crafted by the wizards at Prince Armory. It looks like metal but it is LEATHER. Clearly these people are talented. They can do things with leather I never thought possible. Have I ever told you I ate a leather belt on a road trip once? It's true. My dad wouldn't stop for snacks and I was hungry so I ate my belt like a strip of the world's saddest, shittiest beef jerky. Now I have to hold my pants up with one hand because my parents won't buy me another one because they're trying to teach me a lesson about not eating my clothes. *nibbling necktie* It has proven a hard lesson to learn.

Keep going for some closeups.




Thanks to Eddy, who has always dreamed of owning a suit of medieval leather armor. Haven't we all?

  • matthew bailey

    Where can i buy the full set at? Email me at

  • Mike Gr

    Impressive. But can they make me a 24mm strap for my Panerai?

  • Mike Gr

    Jokes aside, I'd hate to see what that suit looks like after a single battle. Ouch.

  • Dave

    Now I know what I'm (proudly) wearing to my divorce hearings.

  • Matthew Anderson

    Waaaay more irony that I can handle

  • Gingerbread

    The helmet is screaming Magneto to me. Not the side shot but from the front I find it difficult to see anything else.

  • PUNX

    I don't know I see more of ninja turtles shredder

  • IronMant

    It's awesome and all, but it belongs in Middle Earth, not Superman.

  • Deksam

    Masterfully crafted, I wonder how much time went into it?

  • Mr.4maldehyde

    I know what I'm wearing to my wedding.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Is it a dildo? I think it's a dildo.

  • Ninja_Cricket

    Strangely enough, my fiance and I actually do plan to wear armor at our wedding.

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