Man Mods Leaf Blower Into Snowball Machine Gun

February 4, 2016


Because there's actually winter weather in some areas, this is a video of Mark Rober and the leaf blower he modified into a snowball machine gun. Man, Calvin & Hobbes would have loved this thing. I wish I had a friend like Hobbes. I wish I had any friends, really. All my friends typically last about a month, at which point they become frenemies and it is my duty to destroy their lives by any means necessary. So -- if we used to be friends and now your life sucks, now you know why. Clearly you crossed me somehow although now I can't remember what exactly you did and I might have you confused with somebody else oh my God I'm so sorry.

Keep going for a video of the build, testing, and real world snowball fight battle.

Thanks to Marcus O, who is going to try the same thing with sandballs at the beach.

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