Man Marks His And Wife's Sides Of Bed With Laser Line

February 9, 2016


Tired of fighting for his side of the bed, Redditor jonathan881 went and bought a $40 laser and mounted it in the bedroom to divide the bed perfectly in two halves. No word if the laser is powerful enough to burn an arm or leg off for crossing the line, but in my mind it is.

"In our house there is no debate, ONLY DATA," writes Jonathan. "I asked whom she thought was the more frequent offender, she guessed 50/50 i'm no noob...this is totally playful, no spite at all. I'm a lucky guy."

You know how I make sure I get my fair share of bed space? "Not having a girlfriend." YEP. Works like a charm. Although I do have a little eleven pound dog that likes to sleep right in the middle of the bed. Plus she hogs all the pillows. I've argued with her that bed space and pillows should be divided according to body weight, but then she came back and told me it should be divided by furriness or number of legs, so I dropped it. I slept on the couch last night.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who agrees sheet and blanket stealing is the real issue here.

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