Man In Gorilla Suit Chasing Astronauts Aboard The International Space Station

February 25, 2016


Because I'm convinced they're not doing anything but partying up there, this is a video of Scott Kelly dressed in a gorilla suit chasing his colleagues aboard the International Space Station. It's weird to think somebody loading up a container for shipment to the space station had to check 'Gorilla Suit' off a list. Clearly they're doing important work up there. Would you spend a year aboard the space station? I'd like to think I could do it, but in reality I'm way too claustrophobic. I give myself maybe three days before I jettisoned myself out an airlock and became a piece of organic space debris. God willing, I'd become a famous attraction when space tourism really takes off and visitors will spacewalk to rub my penis for good luck.

Keep going for two videos, a longer version from Facebook with Bennie Hill music, and a shorter Youtube version.

Needed a little humor to lighten up a #YearInSpace. Go big, or go home. I think I'll do both! #SpaceApe

Posted by NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Thanks to n0nentity and Amber, neither of whom are convinced the International Space Station is nothing more than a Hollywood hoax designed to give humans hope that our species will survive when an asteroid hits the planet in 2021, which I have predicted using an ancient Mayan Calendar. "That's a coloring book." It's an ancient calendar!

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