Looks Safe: A Mobile Roller Coaster Towed By A Tractor

February 18, 2016


This is a short video of a homemade one-person roller coaster float being paraded down the street in Bassersdorf, Switzerland. Locals spent "several hundred hours" building the death trap, which a man rides at the end of the video. It even does a loopty-loop. I kept waiting for something awful to happen, but it all went relatively smoothly. I wish I could say the same for my homemade roller coaster. "You pushed your brother off the roof in a wheelbarrow." Yeah yeah, so I forgot to build the track. He's suing me now, you know.

Hit the jump for the video, then let's eat cotton candy and funnel cakes till we puke. It will be a bonding experience.

Thanks to LukeP, who agrees the best roller coasters are the ones you're fairly certain you can fall out of. Adds EXCITEMENT.

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