LEGO Unveils Their First Female Ghostbusters Set

February 5, 2016


LEGO just unveiled their first LEGO set for the upcoming Ghostbusters movie. It features all four female Ghostbusters with proton packs (plus their secretary Kevin), a red demon, the ECTO-1, and a little motorcycle (the ECTO-2). The $60 set goes on sale July 1st, about two weeks before the July 15th movie opening. Now what's up with all the people upset about a female Ghostbusters cast? If there was a ghost in my house I don't care who comes to take care of it, as long as that ghost gets busted. Honestly, whenever there's something strange in my neighborhood (i.e. a monster under my bed) I always BEG my girlfriend to go check it out. Leave the hiding under the covers and crying into Mr. Blankie to me.

Keep going for several more shots.





Thanks to Plus, who ain't afraid of no ghost but is terrified of spiders. I am the exact opposite.

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