It's All In The Hips: Robotic Golfer Makes A Hole In One

February 10, 2016


This is a video of LDRIC (Launch Directional Robot Intelligent Circuitry) making a hole in one at the Waste Management Phoenix Open in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ahahahhaha, the Waste Management Open -- I want to play in that. I want the garbage trophy. I heard instead of a green jacket you get a hobo coat and bindle. Also, could they have picked a worse name for this robot? Launch Directional Robot Intelligent Circuitry? It's just a bunch of words thrown together. LDRIC? That's awful. I would have named it Tiger Metals.

Hit the jump for the hole in one.

Thanks to DougDougDoug, who offered to take me miniature golfing which I accepted because I love the hotdogs they sell at the snack bar.

  • Dickie Richards

    OMG, "It's all in the hips... it's all in the hips..." fucking greatest headline ever!

  • Thomas Stuart

    They call it the tournament "The Waste Management Phoenix Open" and you are complaining about the name of the robot?

  • I knew a stripper who could do much more interesting things with golf balls.
    Now that was a heck of a hole in one!

  • kasual

    next thing you know the robot is getting a nike deal and getting caught with strippers

  • MinjaMike

    Ha, the smiley face. Like, "psh I got this"

  • GeneralDisorder

    Kim Jong Il is still the best golfer ever. Unless you don't believe propaganda from dictatorships.

  • Ive been reading GW for almost 10 years and "Tiger Metals" is hands down one of the most intelligent things Ive read on here. Keep up the good work, cadet.

  • PeakEverything

    golf ball now ... bleached skull in the future :*(

  • Jason Christopher

    Did this thing read the fairway, calculate distance, and all that jazz? Or do they do all of those calculations then just line him up to take the swing? This is amazing either way, I'm just genuinely curious.

  • Hazakabammer

    Latter. The only calculation done on the fly is what the windspeed is and how it factors into the changes in the original measurements.

  • TheQiwiMan

    It's actually much more impressive than it sounds. Not only do they have to account for windspeed, direction, tilt, and the baltimora effect, they also had to calculate probabilities of noise interference, mechanical resistance of the swinging arm and the natural lubricant buildup on those tarzanboi gears, as explained in this short video:

    You're welcome!

  • timeiskey


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