It Begins: Dutch Police Training Eagles To Catch Drones

February 2, 2016


Dutch police, working with bird training company Guard from Above, is experimenting with training eagles to catch unwanted drone copters and bring them back to their trainer (previously: Japan's drone catching drone). No word how many eagle toes have been lost to date. Oh wait, apparently the birds are so good at attacking drones they don't even touch the rotors. That...sounds suspicious.

"What I find fascinating is that birds can hit the drone in such a way that they don't get injured by the rotors," said LeBaron. "They seem to be whacking the drone right in the centre so they don't get hit; they have incredible visual acuity and they can probably actually see the rotors."

Humans, of course, only see rotors as a blur - LeBaron suspects that the eagles can make out the complete movement and thus have no trouble avoiding injury. It doesn't hurt, either, that attacking a drone the way a bird might attack another bird is usually effective. "Their method of attack is always going to be to hit it in the middle of the back; with the drones they perceive the rotors on the side and so they just go for the rear."

I don't know about all that, but I do know I'm going to partner with an eagle to steal drones and then sell them back to their original owners. I'll tell them the sky is my eagle's personal space and you have to pay to use it. Then if they don't want to pay I'll have my eagle peck their eyes out. Shit, maybe I'll team up with some vultures too. "And a pelican?" You're ridiculous.

Keep going for a video of the eagles doing their thing.

Thanks to hairless, who prefers to fight drone surveillance the old fashioned way: living underground with the mole people.

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