Iron From Ice: Man Builds Surprisingly Strong Ice Sword

February 29, 2016


This is a video of the ice sword that Allen Pan made. Allen made the sword using Pykrete, a frozen composition of approximately 86% water and 14% saw dust or wood pulp (in this case toilet paper). Pykrete is much stronger than ice and is actually more similar to concrete. So that explains why he can cut watermelons and decapitate snowmen without his blade breaking. Plus he embedded blue LEDs in the sword because everything looks cooler with LEDs (case in point: my penis, which you probably just mistook for a TRON lightcycle). So, do they use ice swords in Game of Thrones? I wouldn't know because my mom never lets me watch it because she says it contains 'adult themes.' Please, like I've never seen two people kiss before!

Keep going for the video, then let's make our own Pykrete swords and try to break each other's arms.

Thanks to hairless, who used to shave with an ice razor before discovering how much easier it was to just burn all the hair off your face with a lighter.

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