Impressive 3-D Homer Simpson As Stormtrooper Cake

February 4, 2016


This is the 3-D Homer Simpson stormtrooper cake crafted by Kylie Mangles of Letterpress Bakery. I call his lips and ear! Just kidding, I want to eat his belly. You think it's full of half-chewed donuts? In my wildest dreams it is. Also in my wildest dreams I'm a wildlife photographer who's afraid of animals so all my photos turn out really blurry but for whatever reason they're still a huge hit on the art scene and I become rich and famous. It sucked to wake up this morning, let me tell you.

Keep going for a couple more photos (it turns out his belly is all cake and not donuts) and an artfully shot video.




Thanks to carey, who agrees life's too short to not eat donuts for dinner every once in awhile.

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