Happier Times: Han Solo, Leia And Ben Family Portrait

February 8, 2016


Because Sears Portrait Studio is the tits, this is the Han Solo family portrait somebody Photoshopped together and I saw on Facebook (anybody with more info on its origin feel free to leave it in the comments). What a happy looking family, right? It sucks Ben grew up to be such a temper-tantrum throwing monster. It's sad how families fall apart sometimes. In my mind though Han always kept this photo framed above the fireplace mantle aboard the Millennium Falcon. "The Millennium Falcon doesn't have a fireplace." I said IN MY MIND. In my mind it does. Plus a secret rumpus room with a pool table and stripper pole.

Thanks to whatever friend posted this on Facebook over the weekend. I couldn't find you again and I'm sorry for that. Maybe I'll write a Missed Connection on Craigslist.

  • dx_xb

    This is bullshit - where's the spoiler warning for the 10 of us left on the planet that haven't watched this movie? Nuts to you!

  • Gary Guillot

    What I wanna know is, where's Harrison Ford's left shoulder?

  • James Mcelroy

    I think Kylo's dad was really Nien Nunb. Just sayin'.

  • Jenness

    This is an amazingly well done photoshop concept and picture. Love it and love the early 80's vibe.

  • Octo
  • IronMant

    Hey look, the biggest family of losers in Star Wars. Thanks for ruining them, Jar Jar Abrams.

  • Gilbert

    If we follow one of the more wild of fan theories, that Jar Jar is actually Snoke, then that isn't exactly the insult you think it is...

  • Gingerbread

    Man, why all the hate? Did you spend the last 20 years living in the expanded universe or what?

  • IronMant

    Oh, you like that Han Solo ditched his wife to become the oldest, least successful smuggler in the galaxy who peddles tentacle monsters to japanese crime lords?

  • Gingerbread

    If I remember correctly (at least that's my interpretation), Han was always the one that was never sure he would take part in the action at least for the first 2 movies, his past as a smuggler was always something that we knew kept him from doing other things, even though it had previously given him a great lot of trouble and he wasn't the most successful in this kind of business already. He kept saying he didn't care for the rebellion up until they got him out of Jabba's palace. His relationship with Leia was FAR from being all romantic, it was ambiguous and they were arguing and fighting each other until the very last minute before their arrival on Bespin, and given the circumstances, it had ALL the chances to fail over time. I think what they came up with in TFA is pretty much believable if you think of it that way.

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    I sure did. Or, did you want to watch him living the quiet life with Carrie Fischer? Me, I go to the movies for entertainment son.

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