Paranormal Coloring: An Official X-Files Coloring Book

February 19, 2016


Just in time for the mini-series finale this Sunday, this is the $12 official X-Files Coloring Book available from IAm8Bit. The 32-page book contains 16 original illustrations from Lehr Beidelschies, along with puzzles and games to play. It makes the perfect gift for the paranormal lover in your life. Have I told you I have a paranormal lover? She's a spirit. "I'm a ghost, there's a difference." Oh honey, you'll always be a spirit to me. "I thought we had this conversation." You're right and I apologize, that was rude of me. Hey -- why don't you tell my internet friends here a joke. "Okay. Why did the ghost cross the road? To get to...'THE OTHER SIDE'." Honey please stop you're embarrassing me. Jk jk, that was actually pretty good. What do you say -- wanna go rattle some chains together in the attic? "Is that a euphemism for ghost sex?" Absolutely not. I would never have sex in that attic, it's too creepy.

Keep going for several more shots.






Thanks to buddy Jon, you know we should get together sometime and hang out.

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