Fancy!: A Picnic Blanket That Looks Like An Oriental Rug

February 3, 2016


This is the Fatboy Picnic Lounge, a 82″x 107″ picnic blanket that looks like an oriental rug. Unfortunately, It does not fly. It also doesn't cost less than $249, making it a little bit out of my picnic blanket budget at the moment. Let's just sit on the bare grass. "But what about the ants?" The ants are our friends. "Then why are they biting me?" Don't make me break out the magnifying glass, guys. Be good and I'll give you a piece of watermelon when we leave. So honey -- where's the picnic basket? "It was your turn to pack it." Oh, right. I mean of course, I knew that, and I totally did. "Then where is it?" What if I told you Yogi Bear stole it when I was peeing behind a tree?

Thanks to Yam, who's holding out for a picnic blanket that looks like a disco dance floor.

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