Damn Rich People: A $19,000 Home Planetarium System

February 23, 2016


Because some people have money to burn and should contact me about how to burn more of that money and fulfill one blogger's dreams simultaneously, this is the $19,000 Megastar Class Home Planetarium created by "Japan's most famous planetarium designer" Takayuki Ohira. Man, I wish I was Japan's most famous something.

Despite its size, it can project 180 degrees in all directions around 1 million stars, complete with diurnal motion set to the 35th parallel north. The planetarium also comes with mood lighting that can create dusk, dawn and blue sky spectacles.

Alternatively, buy a pack of those glow-in-the-dark star stickers and make your own bedroom planetarium. That's what I did when I was in college. Then I'd ask girls if they wanted to come over and watch the stars from my bed except that never actually happened because I didn't even start talking to girls until after college because I was shy and feared rejection. I still do. I have still not talked to a girl. As it turns out though, I have talked to several guys pretending to be women. "You got catfished." I got great white sharked.

Keep going for several more pictures that you'd think would be higher quality considering they're trying to get you to drop $19,000 on a home planetarium.





Thanks to vishal, who informed me going outside and stargazing is free and the fresh air is good for you.

  • laserfuzz

    Meh. I work in a planetarium. Our projector is 2500x2500 pixels onto a 60 foot dome. With a 50000 watt sound system....but it did cost about 50 times more so there's that.

  • Bling Nye

    Or.... y'know......................go out side at night and look up.

  • Flo

    It's hard to see the stars when you live in a city.

  • Bling Nye

    That's sad, isn't it.

  • Jenness

    In the 3rd picture it shows the stars stretched out of shape. For $19k you'd think they'd have some topographical recognition algorithym feature to ensure that no stretching would occur. Or not take a picture that shows how not like the real sky your home will look if you purchase this - seriously, they have $20 nightlights that can do this same thing.

  • That's so it looks like you're going through hyperspace.

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