Chemical Compound Crayons Help Kids Learn Chemistry

February 17, 2016


Etsy shop QueInteresante is selling these stickers to adhere to Crayola crayons that list the chemicals that will make a particular color (previously mentioned in this post back in 2010 when they had fewer colors because I'm a time traveler with a heart of gold and diamond penis). The sticker sets come with a guide for which chemical goes on which color, that way your kids can learn the elements while they're coloring outside the lines. You know I was never one to stay inside the lines when I was coloring as a kid. I liked to color waaaaaay outside the lines. Usually on the walls, and that's when I'd get in trouble.

Keep going for several more shots, then go buy me a coloring book at the grocery store and let's have some fun.





Thanks to n0nentity, who always keeps a couple Crayons in his pocket for writing funny things in bathroom stalls.

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