Baby Onsies That Make It Look Like Your Kid Has A Tail

February 1, 2016


Because things stopped making sense a long time ago, this is the Mimic baby onsie from "humorous art & design" firm ekoD Works. It's a onsie with a buttcrack and tail printed on the back to make it look like your child has a cat's tail. Want a baby with a real cat tail? Have a kid with Avatar guy. "He's not a real Na'vi." No, but if you think his kids won't have tails you're wrong. I was born with part of an extra pinky on my right hand but they cut it off soon after birth. Now I wish I'd gotten to keep it so I could type faster and palm a basketball.

Keep going for one more shot of a kid doing its best impression of a kitty in a litterbox.


Thanks to vishal, who has the feeling this is going to expand into a whole line of animal tail onsies. Stop the train, I want off.

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