Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down!: Escalator In China Suddenly Reverses

February 24, 2016


This is security camera footage of an escalator in China's Zhejiang Province suddenly reversing, sending everybody crashing down to the bottom in a hurry. Five people were treated for minor injuries, and all the people will require treatment to get over their newfound fear of escalators. I remember one time when I was growing up my family was riding one of the escalators at Madison Square Mall in Huntsville, Alabama when my pants got caught in the stairs and my dad had to rush ahead and hit the emergency stop button. I was terrified afterwards, but he just laughed it off and told me the escalator was probably trying to eat my penis, which I believed and have only taken the stairs for the last 26 years. I don't do elevators either because he said they like butts.

Keep going for the video, then take the stairs and keep your heart in shape.

Thanks to RR, who doesn't take the escalator or stairs, he takes a jetpack. I am so jealous right now I could puke. Yep, I'm puking.

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