Amazingly Detailed Alice In Wonderland Inspired Shoes

February 23, 2016


This is the line of Alice In Wonderland inspired lady's footwear created by Irregular Choice and available online and in select stores starting February 26th. Prices range from $184 - $381 depending on the style, which actually seems pretty reasonable based on the amount of detail that goes into them. Still, I have never paid more than $22 for a pair of shoes, and I used to get in trouble in gym class growing up because mine were the ones that always marked the gymnasium floor. Needless to say I always got picked last for any team sport, because there's a reason basketball players don't play in just their socks. And that reason is traction. Just kidding, that reason is adding an extra inch to your height. Kidding again, I don't know why anybody wears shoes when flip-flops are just fine.

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Thanks to Elizabeth B, who has been done the rabbit hole before and returned to tell about it. I'm gonna be honest, I probably would have just stayed.

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