You Sunk My Bismuth-ship: Periodic Table Battleship

January 13, 2016


This is a simple way to help kids (or adults -- don't act like you know where bismuth is!) learn the periodic table: by turning it into a classic game of Battleship. Basically you just print out and laminate four copies of the periodic table, then play like a regular game of Battleship by circling blocks of 2, 3, 4 and 5 elements to represent your ships. We should play on our lunch break. Whenever my brother and I used to play Battleship I would always stack two boats on top of each other and then sinking the first one wouldn't affect the second. I never lost. I'm what you might call an 'outside the box' player. "You're a cheater." You might call me that too.

Keep going for one more shot in cause you're not sure what two laminated periodic tables paper clipped into a folder looks like from a first-person perspective.


Thanks to Lydia, who agrees the key to winning at battleship is using a reconnaissance drone (aka looking at your opponent's board when they go to the bathroom) to determine where their ships are.

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