Well It's About Time: $148 Tiny Rusted Trashcans Available From Anthropologie

January 21, 2016


These are the West Village Corrugated Cans available for sale from Anthropologie. They're little (~20" x 15") rusted Oscar the Grouch trash cans that cost $148 (currently on sale for the low, low price of $99). For reference, I have never paid more than $8 for a trash can that wasn't rusted (the rust must cost extra), and usually I just fill cardboard boxes with trash until they're full then throw the whole thing out. How's that for shabby chic?! "That is just shabby." You don't know me! Maybe walk a mile in my shoes before passing judgement. "Are those orthopedic?" I have bad arches you judgy shit!

Thanks again to Hazed, who's so hazed he just bought four and he's gonna stack them.

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