View Inside Front-Load Washing Machine At 1,200 RPM

January 14, 2016


Note: Do not watch if you are prone to epilepsy, motion sickness, or are pregnant or might become pregnant if I tear my shirt off and rub my nipples.

This is a video from two Geek Squaders at Best Buy putting a GoPro inside a side-load washing machine on their lunch break (or on the clock, in which case I'd like to have a word with their supervisor because I've been waiting and this laptop isn't deleting any p0rn viruses by itself). Except it's not just bouncing around loose in there (that video would be pure shit), the camera is mounted to the rear of the drum. It's still pretty hard to watch though. It's basically just an insane amount of spinning until you don't feel good and wish you'd never started watching.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Palvo, who hid in a washer during hide and seek once but couldn't get out and that's when the fire department got called. Those hunks, always saving the day.

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