Uh-Oh: Snoop Dogg Is Pissed At Microsoft's X-Box Servers

January 14, 2016


WARNING: Like a Squatty Potty on boner pills, video contains two shits and four f***s in fifteen seconds.

This is a short video of Snoop Dogg offering some very choice words to Microsoft's X-Box team (plus Bill Gates for good measure) about a server problem he's been experiencing. He even threatens to switch to Playstation if they can't keep it fixed. Personally, I would listen to him. Although I'm a Playstation user so actually maybe they SHOULDN'T listen to him, that way he switches to Playstation and we can finally play Peggle together like I've always dreamed of.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Roberto, who informed me if you only play board games, the server never goes down. Yeah well I don't have the friends for that, okay, Roberto?

  • Isaac Bow.

    X-box... why the fuck does that look so wrong to me just say Xbox or Xbone

  • It's somehow reassuring to know that even Snoop Dogg has white people problems.

  • Jenness

    I'm not even a fan of Snoop but this is pretty funny couple of seconds. Pretty sure everyone has heard gradeschool punks say worse than this on LiveChat or Vent blaming the company because they got headshot right out of the gate when really it's because they suck. LOL. It's funny.

  • Tyguy

    Snoop, you chose.....poorly.

  • Isaac Bow.

    why chose... just play it all dayum

  • Tyguy


  • Isaac Bow.

    Why just choose one console, I just play it all Xbox PS Wii PC. why limit yourself?

  • Tyguy

    Money, space, necessity. I dunno...take your pick. If you can have all the gaming hardware, then cool.

  • Kyle Phillips

    ....Why does he have an xbox....

  • Bertw192

    The real question is why doesn't he have both... For Christ's sake, the guy's a millionaire.

  • Tyguy

    ...why not? Besides the obvious.

  • JJtoob

    What, sponsorship?

  • Theodore Hardcandy

    He's threatening to jump to playstation who's network is down more often than xbox's. Think before you post, dumb dumb.

  • Yeah, PSN is kinda flippin' disappointing... Why can I not Netflix without PSN signin, dangit?!? If I wanted "chill" all by its lonesome I would just stand around outside...

  • "Fix yo shit man."

    As an IT professional, I find it absurd that people are so self entitled. You spend a couple years in school learning the trade, rigorously taking tests and acquiring certifications; and then you enter the field and it's a never ending battle to re-up your certs and expand your knowledge as new technologies are introduced.

    But oh no, God forbid there's a hiccup in the system. A dozen or so different devices trying to communicate with each other across the 57 million square miles of earth over congested network lines with millions of other devices attempting to do the same thing.

    We'll get that patched for you just as soon as we can Mr. Dogg. We apologize for the inconvenience this must have had on your pot smoking, gin sipping, bitch fucking lifestyle. I'm sure your career of putting words on a piece of paper that rhyme with "nigga" and then saying them really fast over some digitally created noises that someone else made, is ever bit as difficult.

  • Guillermo Arturo Rojas Gordill

    The thing is, This is a Microsoft supported technology, and they should have a penny or two to invest in the best service! So, I guess if they advertise as the best, well, they should act accordingly!

  • disqus_Z9V24wXz3R

    Hahaha Self Entitled... Go f*** yourself lol. either fix it or give me my money back!

    Asshole. :-P lol

  • Entity444

    I would agree, Except the users pay for the service, it isn't free. That's where the entitlement comes from...

  • New Extension

    Wow, calm down. It's funny, take it light. Also Snoop Dogg did a lot more than just rap, he helped create a culture and sense of identity for the West Coast for all personalities, classes, races, and creeds to listen to. Take your tampon elsewhere, people that work any jobs have to deal with complaints all the time. Relax.

  • It's called sarcasm. Google it.

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